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On official abdication of responsibility, and cheerleading editorials

Let's take a look at an interesting column today about the impact of political and journalistic forces. I've left some identifiers blank until the bottom:
So how does [blank] it? It starts with Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

No mayor in recent history has abdicated his responsibilities in [blank] as has Bloomberg.

...Second, there is the compliant media, reflected in the cheerleading editorials of the Daily News. That was the paper with the once-proud motto, to contrast it with the Post, “The City’s Honest Voice.”

That motto is as dead as the dodo.
This is from Ray Kelly: Too Much Respect, from Leonard Levitt's NYPD Confidential blog, and the blanks reference police commissioner Kelly and police department oversight.

Bloomberg is only partly responsible for Atlantic Yards--the state has more responsibility--but, in both cases, they've mostly let developer Forest City Ratner take the lead, complying, for example, with Forest City's 2009 request to renegotiate its deal with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

And the Daily News has had the most cheerleading editorials about Atlantic Yards.