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NetsDaily: happy to have anonymous readers sling nastiness at Goldstein, but no opportunity to weigh in on Yormark's controversy (updated with change)

The website NetsDaily, popular with team fans, team brass, and some sportswriters, earlier this year was questioned by a reader for including the seemingly tangential news that Nets Board of Directors Chairman Christophe Charlier was sending singer (and prep school classmate) John Forte on a Russian tour, helping him rebuild his life after prison.

"read the banner…most comprehensive," wrote the main contributor to the site, who goes by the name Net Income, pointing the commenter to the banner: "The most comprehensive source for news about the New Jersey Nets."

NetIncome was eager to link earlier this week to an unflattering and thinly-reported article in the Daily News about Atlantic Yards foe Daniel Goldstein, but not, of course, to any of the follow-ups that cast doubt on the original story.

"SCREW HIM!, productively commented Paul Erstein, a Florida-based fan who's one of the few people to sign his name on the blog.

A few readers questioned the decision to include the item. NetIncome replied with his usual hauteur:
of course it should
it’s about someone who played a key role in the team’s inability to move.

And as evidenced by the strong opinions asserted, it’s quite interesting to Nets fans.
NetIncome has claimed "I have won Four Edward R. Murrow awards in my professional life so I have some credibility." Thing is, he's done so while using his name. The blog pseudonym lets him avoid responsibility.

Missing: the Yormark story

Somehow missing from NetsDaily, however, is an article from yesterday's Record, Lawsuit against Nets exec thrown out, which began:
A judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit brought against New Jersey Nets CEO Brett Yormark by an ex-girlfriend, who alleged that he fraudulently induced her to have an abortion.

Reyna Purcell of Upper Saddle River said in a lawsuit filed earlier this year that she became pregnant shortly after she started dating Yormark in October 2010.

Purcell said that she wanted to have a child, but that Yormark told her he would end the relationship if she gave birth to a child. She also alleged that Yormark promised her to stay in a relationship if she got an abortion.

Purcell, 34, got an abortion in February, but “shortly thereafter [Yormark] immediately terminated the relationship with the plaintiff and has never spoken to her again,” the lawsuit alleged.
The judge agreed with the contention of Yormark's attorney that such claims had no place in court. Indeed, Purcell didn't have any promise in writing and, even so, it would be a tough case to bring.

NetsDaily fans, who knew nothing about the Goldstein situation beyond what was in a thinly reported Daily News article, readily weighed in with nasty, anonymous/pseudonymous comments.

Somehow they've been deprived of the opportunity to comment on this piece of Yormark's private life that has become public via the legal system. (It was also picked up by Newsday, the Star-Ledger, and four other outlets.)

Would they call him victim of a publicity stunt? Would they say it wasn't news? Would they link credibility in his professional life to his personal life?

Would it be "quite interesting to Nets fans"?

The update

Less than a half-hour after my post, NetsDaily responded:


  1. well, Norm, you sure got me. A whole half hour afterwards. I just saw your piece. I am just verklempt.

  2. by the way, Norm, i didn't "respond" to you. I got up late. I have a head cold.

    I'm anxiously awaiting news that you have a publisher for your book.

  3. Funny, but he got up late but last night posted items at 9:14 pm and 11:26 pm. The Yormark story hit the wires at 8:38 pm

    The gap between the Goldstein story in the Daily News and the Nets Daily posting was far, far less.

  4. and we also waited til this morning to post two other pieces that were ready to be posted last night.

    There is often a method to our madness.

    Nice of you to post my comments...when it suits your convenience.

    Speaking of anonymous posting, ask Daniel how many handles did he create under the old NetsDaily program.

  5. Still waiting for you to use your name if you're so proud of your work. You're the editor of the site.

  6. Hey "Bobbo" I probably used about 2 anonymous handles and one under my own name. And what of it? (By the way, now i only get wind of your silly postings from outside links or AY blogs, I decided years ago to stop your blog and comments.)

    You, on the other hand, are the editor of a major sports team blog and you have an anonymous handle there, NetIncome. So that makes at least two you have, Bobbo and NetIncome. How many more do you have that you use on NetsDaily and elsewhere?

  7. I believe our administrator counted 17 coming out of your IP address. Perhaps you have forgotten some?

    I'm sure this is all quite entertaining for all of you, whether it's one or 17 or 150 unique viewers.

  8. Right, Bob, just like Bruce Ratner won 37 lawsuits.

    Must be time to get a new administrator because that wasn't me.

    Also it is cute how you throw stones from your glass house and can't answer the question about your own multiple handles (on NetsDaily and elsewhere) as editor of a pro sports blog.

    Entertaining? Not really.

  9. Bobbo should sign his name as Bob Windrem.


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