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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

The art strategy: beautify the construction fence and "riff on, reference, or reveal something about the artistic process"

From ArtBridge, announcing work on a 400-foot long stretch of sidewalk shed, from 20 artists (in 19 works):

About Works In Progress — OPENING OCTOBER 20th
Art-making is a transformative act. Pigment mixed with medium becomes paint, that paint, when applied to canvas becomes “art,” that art, when we see it on gallery walls or in the public realm, alters the world around us.
The construction process can in many ways be seen as a mirror of the artistic one; breaking ground, reconfiguring it, reinterpreting space to make it new.
With this in mind we invite Brooklyn-based artists to submit visual works that riff on, reference, or reveal something about the artistic process for consideration for our latest public installation, ArtBridge: Works in Progress,” to be installed in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn in early Fall of 2011.
What constitutes a “finished” piece? How might a spot of bare canvas peaking through layers of paint reference a work’s beginnings? What kind of work results from careful planning? From spontaneity? These are some of the questions we hope that artists will address through their work.
Maybe another question might be: Is this the heart of Downtown Brooklyn?

Despite Forest City Ratner's rhetoric, the project is not located in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn--even the Downtown Brooklyn map produced by the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership (on which FCR plays a disproporitionate role) can't fit in the Atlantic Yards site.