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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ (pinned post)

From Atlantic Yards Watch and CLEXY Block Association: concern over "Future Stadium Event Traffic on Classon Avenue"

A message on Atlantic Yards Watch, headlined Future Stadium Event Traffic on Classon Avenue , from CLEXY Block Association (Classon, Lexington, and Quincy):
Over 500 people have signed the petition to address the traffic issues on Classon Avenue created by the Atlantic Yards.
Classon Avenue is clearly being targeted as the main means of egress for future event traffic to the BQE. Classon Avenue is almost exclusively a residential street, yet current levels of illegal truck usage from the Atlantic Yards (Classon is not a truck route [map excerpt above], Bedford Avenue is the designated truck route) are creating serious health and safety risks for all who live, work and travel on Classon Avenue. These unsafe conditions will be greatly exacerbated by the increased traffic associated with the Atlantic Yards events. The CLEXY Block Association is petitioning for:
1. No Left Turn designation from Atlantic onto Classon Avenue
2. Clear and prominent signage along Atlantic designating Bedford as the route for the eastbound stadium traffic to access the BQE.
3.Addition of signage reinforcing Classon Avenue as prohibited to all truck and traffic excluding those making local deliveries.
4. Addition of a bike lane on Classon Avenue from Bergen to Dekalb.
Here's coverage on Brownstoner and Patch. Below, a map for context.