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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/what's coming/what's missing, who's responsible, + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

Brooklyn Paper covers after-hours construction but suggests that all of it is required to be done at night. Not so.

Update October 10: I have since learned that any comments blocked were done so inadvertently. I did not intend to suggest any rationale for the blocks. I regret leaving any impression that the Brooklyn Paper was blocking my comments for any reason.

The Brooklyn Paper today published an article headlined Noises on! Barclays Center construction now 24-7-365.

I tried to post a comment but was blocked. I tried under another name (AYReport) and was blocked again. [As noted below in the comments, apparently links to my blog were being blocked, though not my name.]

Here's the comment I tried to post:
The "ear-splitting work" at Atlantic, Flatbush, Fourth, and Pacific had been going on for months. Of the late shift and overnight work related to the project, only some of it--the work on public streets--is required to be done at night by the city DOT.
The lingering question is whether the state and Forest City Ratner planned for sufficient mitigation, both in the area and timing for distribution of soundproofed windows. The state has not answered a question about what could be done to assist people who report intrusive noise.

To say "City rules require that the work be done at night" suggests that Forest City Ratner has not asked for any special permissions. Not so.
There are no requirements, for example, that work be done at night at the arena site, or that deliveries be made earlier. They've speeded up. Asked about 24/7 work, Bruce Ratner said, "We don't want to take any chances."
See AY Construction Alert:
And see Atlantic Yards Watch for an extensive list of incident reports regarding the impacts of construction:


  1. Norman

    Your comments are not being blocked. Please take down that blood libel. Jesus.

    The Brooklyn Paper

  2. If my comments aren't being blocked, then what should we make of the fact that a comment was blocked?

    I did post another comment under my name, but without any links to my blog. It was not blocked.

    However, as others discovered, posting a comment with *links* to my blog was blocked.

  3. I just posted a comment, with my name and link to my blog, on the Brooklyn Paper website.

    So I don't know why previous comments, or others' comments with links to my blog, were blocked. I look forward to further explanation from the Brooklyn Paper.


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