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Can't sleep? On video, the overnight jackhammer and excavator tear up Pacific Street, make a din

(Update October 14: This noise, was related to work not under the direct control of Forest City Ratner, but is related to Atlantic Yards.)

So, what's up with that overnight street work connected to the Atlantic Yards project at Pacific Street and Flatbush Avenue and Fourth Avenue and Pacific Street?

Several people have complained to Atlantic Yards Watch about noise that is expected to last through October.

Also, as I've written, it's questionable whether the state's environmental review considered the full impact, given that soundproofed windows were offered only to people on the east side of Pacific and Dean streets (the shaded areas farthest to the left in the graphic), not the west. Nor were they offered to anybody living on Fourth Avenue.

Shouldn't measures have been extended? I haven't gotten an answer from Empire State Development.

On video

Well, I went over there last night at around 11 pm to observe jackhammering and the work of an excavator. The video begins near the station exit on the east side of Fourth near Pacific. The noise from the work was quite audible underground.

I went upstairs to the northeast corner of Fourth and Pacific, crossed the street to the southeast corner, then walked across Fourth to the southwest corner. After turning to show the construction work, I walked less than 100 feet west to stand outside of a residence clearly impacted by the noise.

I then moved east to the corner, and crossed Fourth Avenue again, to the southeast corner. I walked past the Pacific Branch library to the first residence on the south side of Pacific, home to one of the people affected, then turned around to face the construction work.

How loud was it?

My camera is mainly for still photos, so the microphone, and video capacity, remain rudimentary. So the actual volume of the work is even louder.

I didn't bring a decibel meter, but I can say that, as of this morning, my ears still ache. So it's understandable that residents say they can't sleep.