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#AtlanticYards and #OccupyWallStreet

Is Atlantic Yards like Occupy Wall Street?

On the October 23 edition of the Hot 97 roundtable dialogue Street Soldiers, concerning Occupy Wall Street, guest Autumn Marie made the point, at about 11:10:
"That same corporate interest is what's controlling the prison-industrial complex... That same corporate interest is what is bringing the Nets stadium, right, to Brooklyn. The same thing is causing eminent domain around the city."
Battle for Brooklyn filmmaker Michael Galinsky writes, in The OWS Battle to End Crony Capitalism Was Presaged in the Battle for Brooklyn:
Our film lays bare all of the elements that have enraged the masses. An extreme version of corptocracy-a willing government taken over by corporate interests against the interests of the people-in which a developer plans a project, calls all the shots, and gets the government to steamroll the public process and provide unbelievable levels of subsidies. The media follows the corporate script, reporting on the story when the developer issues press releases, and dutifully repeating ridiculous assertions about revenues, housing, and jobs without doing any due diligence whatsoever. As a citizen, it was infuriating and mind numbing. As a filmmaker, it was painful.
Note that the intro states inaccurately that the rest of the site is "currently basically a big parking lot."