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The marketing of the Nets, via Translation

Ad Age has a story about the hiring of the marketing agency Translation, which was announced in December.

The new article quotes me:
"I suspect they're trying to reinforce a sense of inevitability -- that the arena is coming -- after years of false promises about the timetable," Mr. Oder said. "That said, they likely have multiple audiences to play to. For one thing, they've only sold a small fraction of the luxury suites and they need those sales to pay off construction. They have the advantage of newness, being a new team in the market, but they also have to fill a building at a time when, at least for now, people have less and less discretionary income. The working assumption has always been that 30% of current New Jersey fans of the Nets would also attend games in Brooklyn. But the team has gotten worse [the sixth worst record in the league at 15-37], and it has been a very long goodbye. If that means fewer New Jersey fans, then they have to reach out as broadly as possible, geographically and demographically, in and around Brooklyn.


  1. This isn't very surprising, especially considering that Jay-Z is a partner in Translation advertising.

    Looks like the Atlantic Yards is already paying dividends for Jay-Z.


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