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Freddy's is back, in the South Slope

NLG has a roundup, here and here, regarding the reopening of Freddy's Bar and Backroom and Metromix has photos. (The old Freddy's website needs a n update link to the new one.)

Upon its demise in Prospect Heights, displaced for the arena block, Joshua M. Bernstein wrote, "Freddy’s will endure in spirit, but the patina that the patrons created will be lost in the rubble."

Well, the coverage--and my own brief visit--suggests that the owners and managers have done a pretty good job re-creating the patina, with a new Backroom (though with a small corridor) and new televisions (flat screen this time) to show Donald O'Finn's video art.

It's just in a different neighborhood--maybe the South Slope is the equivalent of Prospect Heights a decade or two ago.

And there's a different orbit around it. For one thing, the history of a cop bar is erased when the local precinct is no longer virtually across the street. Also, the history of Atlantic Yards resistance recedes, as well.


  1. check out the correct new website address!!

  2. Got it, fixed above.

  3. old site now does a 301 Redirect to the new site.
    Keep up the great work, Norman!


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