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A day after losing out on Anthony, Nets get superstar point guard Williams; he's got a contract extension to sign, but for now, it's seen as a big win

After being seen as losers to the Knicks in the (costly) effort to attract star Carmelo Anthony, the Nets yesterday got superstar point guard Deron Williams, unhappy at the Utah Jazz in exchange for point guard Devin Harris (the face of EB-5 flackery), rookie forward Derrick Favors, and more.

For Nets fans, the optimistic perspective is that Williams will sign a contract extension and help attract more stars. The pessimistic one is that Williams won't sign and will leave.

But the consensus, for now, is that the Nets made a good deal. The Record:
The Nets rebounded quickly and impressively after their long pursuit of Carmelo Anthony failed, acquiring a franchise-changing player and arguably the NBA’s best point guard.
The Times:
In a deal that shocked the league, the Nets obtained Deron Williams, one of the game’s best point guards, from the Utah Jazz. The trade is a tremendous boost for the Nets, who badly needed a franchise star to build around as they prepare to move to Brooklyn for the 2012-13 season.
Mitch Lawrence of the Daily News, just a day after slamming new owner Mikhail Prokhorov:
Hello, Brooklyn.

At long last, the Nets introduced themselves to their new home and new fans with a startling, bold trade that even had to make the Knicks take notice, on the very same day Carmelo Anthony was getting the red carpet rolled out on Broadway.

The Nets' acquisition of Deron Williams from the Jazz means that Mikhail Prokhorov can now put a star player on a billboard when he wants to tweak the Knicks.
Would that any of these writers, who pay such intense attention to hoops, considered the "Debbie Downer" issue of "the crooked crap that actually matters," such as how team and arena owners make their money.