Sunday, October 04, 2009

As Nets add sponsors, the ticket giveaways continue; Netstoberfest on October 7 in Newark

On the one hand, it looks like the Nets keep luring more sponsors. The AP reports:
The New Jersey Nets have renewed deals with 20 corporate sponsors and signed agreements with 10 new partners in moves that will generate $4.5 million annually.

On the other hand, ticket revenues plummeted last year by nearly a third, thanks to discounts and giveaways, and it looks like the pattern will continue.

After all, as the advertisement (right) in the Newark Star-Ledger shows, the Nets and the newspaper have agreed to a deal in which $100 buys four preseason tickets with a face value of $25, plus four hot dogs and soda, and four ticket vouchers to a regular season game.

That's cheaper than a first-run movie.

Netstoberfest in Newark

Meanwhile, as a prelude to the two exhibition games at the Prudential Center in Newark, the Nets are sponsoring a Netstoberfest (why not just a "Nets Octoberfest"?) on October 7 outside the facility.

The Nets' marketing arsenal can adjust to any situation. In other words, should the Nets happen to relocate to Newark, whether temporarily or permanently, expect more such fests.

And should the team move to Brooklyn, expect a Netstoberfest (and more) in Prospect Heights.

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  1. how would newark residents, many of whom don't happen to own a car, transport themselves to the dump in the swamp to see a regular season nets game?


    thumb a ride?

    take a cab?

    take the train into manhattan, then a bus to izod?

    or is brett yormark planning on personally chauffering them all to the dump in the swamp?

    'netstoberfest' is a good idea for promoting nets games in newark, but a very bad idea for promoting nets games in east rutherford