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Notes posted summarizing last Quality of Life meeting don't tell the full story

Empire State Development has posted notes (bottom) from the 11/19/19 Quality of Life Meeting and, while it's certainly a helpful exercise, it doesn't encompass the full range of issues and concerns, much less the skeptical tone of some attendees.

My ten posts are linked here. Notably, plans for Site 5, what I considered the most dramatic news, albeit barely discussed at the meeting, go unmentioned in the notes. (We're still waiting for an update, too.) Nor is there any mention about complaints regarding the Barclays Center, or that an arena rep didn't attend the meeting.

What I considered the second most important news, plans for the railyard platform, was described, bureaucratically but not inaccurately, simply as:
There are no updates on the selection of a contractor for the platform and no updates on when construction is expected to commence.
However, given that developer Greenland USA made such a big deal of announcing plans for the platform to start in 2020, the lack of any specificity is worth stressing.

Parking issues

I reported on the surprising increase in parking spaces on the southeast block, Block 1129, compared to what had been stated just months ago, and raised questions at the meeting about the configuration, given a single entrance to a 758-space garage.

The already-established entrance, ESD's Tobi Jaiyesimi said at the meeting, "is what’s there," but she said they'll "be sure to impress upon the garage operator" the need to better respond to the situation.

The notes state blandly:
Residents raised several concerns and questions about the Project’s traffic and the total number of parking spaces available. There was a request for improved operations at the 535 Carlton Avenue garage and for the parking spaces to be developed at B12 and B13. 
About B12 and B13

The bulk of the notes concern the presentations, from an architect and landscape architect, about the design of the B12 and B13 towers and open space. From the notes:
The permit application lists a higher amount of total square footage because it includes the residential, parking garage, recreational facility, and below grade “back of house” uses.
From the notes:
The Open Space at B12 and B13 will be approximately 72,000 square feet. The Open Space will include a lawn, seating options, kids’ play area, a dog run, and an interactive water feature. There were questions about the ventilation structures in the Open Space.
One of the structures will only be used in the event of an emergency, and in that instance the area would be evacuated. Residents were concerned about the possible noise from the vents and the location within the Open Space.
Unmentioned is that the large lawn has been shifted from between B13 and B14 to be between B12 and B13, and would be about a quarter-acre. Nor that some residents laughed sardonically at the notion there'd be an homage to the demolished Ward Bakery.

About the conservancy

From the notes:
The Pacific Park Open Space Conservancy is responsible for the maintenance, programming and security of the Project’s eight acres of Open Space. The Open Space is publicly accessible, not limited to only Project residents, and will follow City Park’s rules and regulations. The Conservancy’s budget is completely funded by the Property Owners’ Association, representing all buildings in the Project. Residents raised concerns with the charter and functions of the Property Owners’ Association. It was explained that the Property Owners’ Association’s only role is to fund the Conservancy. A list of Pacific Park Open Space Conservancy members is attached to these notes.
Here's my coverage of the Conservancy and the Property Owners Association.

In the Notes, the list of Pacific Park Conservancy Directors & Officers clarifies who appointed them:
  • Director John Bowen / Developer
  • Director Christina Chao / Developer
  • Director Ashley Cotton / Developer
  • Director Jen Kuang / Developer
  • Director Josie Mok Developer
  • Director Stephanie Rosenberg (independent director) / Developer
  • Director Clifford Schwartz / Developer
  • Director Scott Solish / POA
  • Director Suma Mandel / ESD
  • Director Alyson Beha / ESD
  • Director No appointee / CB2
  • Director Sayar Lonial / CB6 (Chair)
  • Director Glinda Andrews / CB8 (Chair Parks Committee)
  • Director (Non-Voting) Bklyn Bor. Commissioner Martin Maher / Parks
  • Chairperson/President Ashley Cotton / Initial Directors
  • Treasurer Clifford Schwartz / Initial Directors
  • Secretary Stephanie Rosenberg / Initial Directors
Notably, Stephanie Rosenberg, who according to the IRS filing, worked for Greenland USA in their San Francisco office on a project (Oyster Point) that Greenland no longer is involved in, qualifies as an independent director. Her address in a New York State filing is via Greenland's office in MetroTech.

The definition is a director who is is not, and has not been within the last three years, an employee or a key person of the corporation--the Conservancy--or an affiliate. I'm not sure whether Rosenberg qualifies because of the three-year issue, or because her connection to Greenland is distant enough.

Atlantic Yards Pacific Park Quality of Life Meeting Notes 11/19/19 From ESD by Norman Oder on Scribd