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Forbes: vault in Nets' value over the past decade is 773%, second only to that of the Warriors

From Chris Smith at Forbes, in Team Of The Decade: Golden State Warriors’ Value Up 1,000% Since 2009, published 12/23/19:
The [Warriors'] investors also placed their bet on the right game: NBA team values are up an average 413% since 2009—the average pro sports team has appreciated by some 250% in that time—and the league lays claim to seven of the top 10 appreciating teams and 21 of the top 25.
After the Warriors, the NBA team that increased in value the most is the Brooklyn Nets, which have been sold twice in the past decade, first to Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, who bought in 2010 and then moved the team from New Jersey to the $1 billion Barclays Center in 2012; more recently, billionaire Joseph Tsai bought the team and its arena for $3.3 billion. The team’s value has jumped 773% in the past decade, the third best of any team in the world.
That's astounding. Clearly it's part of the rise in values in the NBA, as Forbes notes, as well as the scarcity of professional sports teams.

But the leap is also Nets-specific, and surely has to do with their prominence in the nation's media center. That also means that the Barclays Center, however struggling in terms of profits from operating revenues, is indispensable to the valuation of the Nets.

What did Barclays cost?

Note that there is some dispute on the cost of the Barclays Center operating company. (No, Tsai couldn't buy the arena, which is technically owned by the state.) As NetsDaily noted when reporting the full Tsai takeover 8/15/19:
The New York Post’s Brian Lewis and Josh Kosman as well as Scott Soshnick of Bloomberg News and Kurt Badenhausen of Forbes all report that Joe Tsai will buy Barclays Center as part of his acquisition of the Nets. The three reports differ on the final price tag of team and arena, with the Post pinning it at $3 billion, Forbes at $3.3 billion and Bloomberg at around $3.5 billion.