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Walk-ins Welcome. No fee. Stop by 535 Carlton, you might find an apartment.

Well, just in case you're looking for a two-bedroom apartment--or maybe just visiting BKLYN CLAY--and happen to be at the corner of Dean Street and Carlton Avenue, be advised: two-bedroom apartments are supposedly available, with "prices starting at $3,223," according to a sign. "Walk-ins welcome." (The photo was taken on my last visit, about a week ago.)

Actually, if you look at the 535 Carlton web site, there's no currently available apartment, but last week a one-bedroom was available for $2,720.20. See screenshot below.  (The building is "100% affordable," meaning income-linked, but that's a middle-income unit, and such units have been tough to find takers for.)

As of last year, when both one- and two-bedroom units were available outside the lottery--which of course delivered more than enough takers for the low- and moderate-income apartments--the one-bedrooms were renting for $2,680 and the two-bedrooms were renting for $3,223. Eligible households would have to earn near or more than six figures.

But this is another year, and rent-stabilized units nudge up in price. Which suggests that two-bedroom units, when available, might rent for more.