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After surprising night work involving trucks disturbs neighbors, ESD sends out last-minute notice

At 5:09 pm yesterday, Empire State Development sent out a last-minute Notice of Night Work, saying there would be construction activities in Block 1121 (the eastern block of the railyard) to finish the grading of two tracks, which would "include some truck activity in the B12 site," which is between Dean and Pacific street just west of the 550 Vanderbilt condo.

Note: no specific time was stated for "second shift (night)."

The backstory

I suspect, though can't completely confirm, that the same activity happened the previous night, as shown in the video at bottom, which was sent to me by a resident.

Though the video is not super-clear, I'm told there was 10-15 minutes of "extremely loud" work involving two trucks: one with a container being filled, one a backhoe. This is part of a larger pattern of evening/late-night work.

I asked Empire State Development what was going on and why no notice had been sent out previously.

When I get a formal response, I'll post an update. But I'd bet the notice was part of that response.

Note: there's no need for an after-hours variance at a Long Island Rail Road site, unlike a site for tower construction. In fact, the New York City Department of Buildings does not even have an active tax lot for that block. See above.