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Barclays Center releases February 2018 event calendar: "private events" listed, but with no detail

Ah, maybe I was a little too optimistic. Two weeks ago, I wrote that the Barclays Center will return to a small but important practice of transparency, announcing non-ticketed events on the monthly calendar circulated to community residents.

That longstanding practice of alerting residents of events--including graduations and other gatherings--that may be disruptive was abandoned after May 2016, with an arena representative rather dubiously claiming that it was for security reasons.

Well, the practice is back, as noted in the Community Notice circulated yesterday (below), but there was no information about the nature of the private events held on Feb. 1 and the one schedule for Feb. 27. On Feb. 28, there is an indication of "Disney Training," which is presumably staff training and not a huge event. but no actual information to help people prepare.

By contrast, the May 2016 event calendar (above right) indicated the nature of the event, such as a graduation, as well as the estimated attendance.

February 2018 totals: 25 ticketed events

Beyond the four private events on three days, this month there are 25 ticketed events on 20 days: seven Nets games, seven Islanders games, one concert, one comedy event, and nine Marvel Universe superhero circus events.
February 2017 totals: 25 ticketed events

In February 2017, there were 25 ticketed events in 19 days, including Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which is now defunct.