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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

That elusive 2025 completion date

So when exactly will Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park be finished? Previous predictions have proven treacherous (remember that ten-year timeline posited upon project approval in 2006?), and the some recent prominent ones, relying on secondhand or stale information, unwisely posit 2025 as the expected completion date.

Consider Curbed's 2/9/18 A guide to the major megaprojects transforming New York City, which includes:
After well over a decade of planning, the megaproject formerly known as Atlantic Yards has made some progress. Now called Pacific Park, the development has seen the opening of the Barclays Center, the modular rental at 461 Dean Street, an all-affordable building at 535 Carlton Avenue, and the COOKFOX-designed condo at 550 Vanderbilt. More residential buildings are the works—the whole thing is due to have 15 by its anticipated completion date of 2025—and the recent acquisition of much of the development by Greenland USA may add some much-needed energy to the project.
Or Forbes's 2/13/18 Content In 2028: Think Like A Civil Engineer:
Civil engineers typically work on projects that won’t be completed for several years. The $6 billion Pacific Park project in Brooklyn, for instance, isn’t scheduled to be completed until 2025.
That date above links to a 4/6/17 Business Insider round-up, which said, "The full Pacific Park development should be complete by 2025."

Except new construction had been put on hold the previous November and no new timetable had been announced. A few weeks ago, former Forest City executive Susi Yu, still associated with the project via her new position at L&L MAG, suggested the buildout would "going to take probably about a decade."

That makes 2028 a best-case scenario, but, based on past performance, it's not a hard deadline.