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On "ill-informed" elected officials, including the mayor's dissing deputy

When a deposition from deputy Mayor Alicia Glen regarding housing policy surfaced recently in Politico, with her calling Council Members “often extremely confused and ill-informed and not that smart” regarding housing policy, she was forced to apologize.
By the way, Glen herself has participated in that praise, unwisely calling Atlantic Yards affordable housing "a better bargain for the taxpayers and the public" compared to the predecessor administration.

Despite Glen's lack of self-candor, it was an example of what commentator Michael Kinsley once called a gaffe: “when a politician tells the truth--or more precisely, when he or she accidentally reveals something truthful.”

Different kinds of smart?

OK, it was also incomplete, unwise, and snooty.
Still, it's remarkable how pervasive are "ill-informed and not that smart” perspectives toward not-so-affordable below-market housing, at least as long as elected officials want to stay on the good side of the mayor (and maybe a powerful developer).