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Bringing Brooklyn "a soul"? Nets' TV ratings now up to 30,000 households in metro area

Remember how Bruce Ratner in a June 2005 interview suggested that "There's something intangible that a team contributes, something as intangible as a soul"?

From NetsDaily, Nets local TV ratings still worst, but growing:
In a season marked by small victories, here’s another one: YES ratings for Nets games remain the worst in the NBA, but they’re no longer dropping. In fact, mid-season to mid-season, the ratings up nine percent over last year, according so Sports Business Journal.
What does that mean? A .042 average, which translates to about 30,000 households per game, in the metro area, not just Brooklyn. Some teams in smaller markets (Atlantic, Orlando) draw a larger percentage but far fewer households.

All in all, basketball can be fun--both in person and on television--but it has hardly taken over the local consciousness.