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DCP Chief: Downtown Brooklyn "primed" for commercial development (plus ça change...)

From a 6/28/17 Real Estate Weekly article, headlined Planning chief has eye on boroughs:
In light of Mayor de Blasio’s recent launch of the New York Works job plan, wherein the administration calls for creating 100,000 new jobs in the city over ten years through a series of 25 initiatives, [Department of City Planning Director Marisa] Lago pointed out how zoning can function as a job creator.
“One of the themes in the job plan is to look at regional commercial centers in transit-rich areas outside of the core,ˮ said Lago.
“Any New Yorker would immediately think of two areas — Downtown Brooklyn and Long Island City, Queens. both have extraordinary mass transit. In both of these areas we have seen dramatic residential growth over the past ten years, so we feel these areas are primed now for commercial development.”
...Lago said the planning commission is working with private landowners who see opportunities to increase the supply of commercial space but also to take advantage of the fact that the communities of Downtown Brooklyn and Long Island City may lend themselves to mixed-use developments that mix in particular office space and light industrial space.
(Emphasis added)

Hello! Downtown Brooklyn was rezoned in 2004 for commercial development. It didn't quite work out that way. And in the short term, at least, maybe the office space business isn't so hot.