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At 461 Dean, three months free on two-year lease

There's an interesting tidbit in the New York Times Real Estate section's Renters column, published online 6/30/17 and in print yesterday, headlined For Two San Francisco Transplants, an Easy Transition:
Their current place costs $3,605 a month, although by signing a 27-month lease they got three months free.
Their effective rent is $3,204 a month at 461 Dean, the world tallest modular tower. While the building was described as "adjacent to the Barclays Center in Prospect Heights," there was no mention of Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park.

Last September, when the marketing began for market-rate units in this "50/50" affordable/market tower, one-bedrooms started at $3,125. (The most expensive affordable one-bedroom at 461 Dean rents for $2,504; at nearby 535 Carlton, the most expensive affordable one-bedroom rents for $2,680.)

Presumably higher floors command higher rents; the floor on which the couple profiled is living wasn't mentioned in the Times article.