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On the NewsHour: illuminating the Kushner EB-5 saga (and I get a cameo)

Following up on reports by me (in City and State) and the Washington Post, the PBS NewsHour goes to Jersey City.

Local reporter Terrence McDonald guides correspondent Paul Solman around the gerrymandered Targeted Employment Area that somehow qualified a glitzy rental tower, Trump Bay Street (which licensed the name), built by Jared Kushner's real estate company with a partner, to purport to be serving a high unemployment district. Guess what: it doesn't help the poor people who got used.

See Kushner family’s real estate dealings land foreign-investor visa back in the spotlight. Yes, I have a cameo, but that's repackaged from a 2015 appearance (plus essay) on the NewsHour. The topic is apparently evergreen.

Also see the accompanying article by the NewsHour's Paul Solman, How Jared Kushner and others gerrymander to sell visas to foreigners — at a steep discount, which credits my City & State piece. To be precise, they get states to gerrymander, and the federal government defers to the states. That could change, but it still wouldn't eliminate all of what's wrong with EB-5.

And here's my take on what was missing from the Washington Post article--and, come to think of it, the NewsHour piece: the next step, challenging the proponents of the program with the slam-dunk evidence that, in many cases, it creates no jobs and is thus bogus.