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Now "No Stopping" signs in place on Vanderbilt outside 550 Vanderbilt condo

OK, the signs are finally in. As seen below, "No Stopping Allowed" signs have been belatedly installed on Vanderbilt Avenue outside the 550 Vanderbilt condo tower, between Dean and Pacific streets.

That should finally deter the scofflaws parking and blocking the bike lane, since it allows for enforcement. The photos were sent to me Sunday; I'm unsure of the precise date, because it wasn't announced by developer Greenland Forest City Partners or the Department of Transportation.

"I will mention there’s been some frustration about these parking signs, frustration for all of us, that they’re not installed yet," Ashley Cotton, a representative of the developer, said at a meeting 6/6/17. "It takes us and the DOT [Department of Transportation] to get this completed. So we’ll take our side of the blame, it just should have happened faster, but I’m told it’s imminent," Cotton said.

At a 5/2/17 public meeting, more than a month earlier, Cotton said the goal was two weeks. Note that, as a local resident tweeted, this used to be street parking.

Looking south, Dean Street next corner

Looking north, Pacific Street next corner