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Nets TV ratings down, attendance up slightly, gate count reportedly up more (but 71% full)

NetsDaily, drawing on Sports Business Journal, yesterday reported YES ratings drop a precipitous 28 percent to worst in NBA
"Brooklyn Nets games on YES Network posted a 0.33 rating, the lowest for any NBA team since the 2010-11 season when the Nets on YES averaged a 0.31."
Apparently the Nets' ratings went up initially, thanks to the addition of Jeremy Lin, then plunged after his injury. NetsDaily suggests:
Next season, YES will likely have a resurgence, with its two-season long dispute with Comcast resolved. That cost them 900,000 households. The Nets and YES will also have a new contract starting next season, with a substantial boost in rights payments.
Attendance and gate count up

NetsDaily noted that reported attendance rose to 15,429, an uptick from 15,125 in 2015-16. That represents 28 of 30 NBA teams ahead of the Minnesota Timberwolves and Denver Nuggets, as reported by ESPN.

NetsDaily also reported some statistics that aren't publicly posted:
The Nets had a small uptick —two percent— in ticket sales last season and word is that the turnstile number, people actually showing up, jumped by a thousand.
Given that the previous year's confirmed gate count was about 11,622 (rather than 15,125), as I reported, that suggests the past season's gate count was about 12,622. That's just 71.2% of the 17,732 capacity for basketball.