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Forest City's expertise: "mixed-use placemaking" with government help "to regentrify an area"

From a 2/3/17 profile in Multifamily Executive of Forest City Realty Trust CEO David LaRue, headlined LaRue Pilots Forest City Through an Aggressive Transformation:
“The mall portfolio didn’t really have a clear role in a company that’s focusing on their core expertise, which is mixed-use placemaking development that often entails partnering with local government to regentrify an area,” says Sheila McGrath, senior managing director covering equity REITs and real estate operating companies at Evercore ISI, an investment banking advisory firm.
I'm not sure exactly what "regentrify" means--the few cites I've seen direct back to "gentrify." A combination of "redevelop" and "gentrify"? (Technically, "regentrify" would suggest gentrifying areas that had once gentrified, then de-gentrified during economic decline.)

But McGrath has it right in describing the developer's role in "partnering with local government."