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Barclays Center now using Times "Living Large at Barclays" article to promote VIP experiences

So, remember that New York Times article reporting on a free VIP experience at the Barclays Center?

As I wrote last December, even though Sarah Lyall's report was partly tongue in cheek and thus didn't function as an advertisement for the $6,189 VIP experience, I did believe that, given the prominent placement, in print and on the web, with many photos, it sure promoted the Brooklyn Nets and the Barclays Center.

(The Times Public Editor, as well as some but not all readers, also raised eyebrows. I wondered how many--if any--people ever purchased that VIP experience.)

Well, guess what, arena managers must still appreciate the article very much. All publicity is good publicity?

It's reproduced in full, without permission or credit, on the web site of Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment Experiences, with a link from the main page. There's no link to the original Times article, which would have led people to critical comments.

It's also listed at the top of the BSE [Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment] News page, which otherwise includes a press release about the VIP experiences program: BROOKLYN SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT AND QUINTEVENTS TO BRING CUSTOMIZED PREMIUM FAN EXPERIENCES TO BARCLAYS CENTER.

Below are screenshots from the In the News page and the page featuring the Times article.