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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Is 550 Vanderbilt an "oasis above the never-ending excitement of Brooklyn"? Only if isolated.

It's a pretty impressive image, looking south from the north side of Atlantic Avenue, right?

It suggests that the 202-foot tall (plus a 40 foot addition for mechanicals) condo building 550 Vanderbilt stands alone, lording above low-rise (but exciting!) Prospect Heights/Brooklyn.

More realistically...

But that's a very temporary vista, and one looking west from the east side of Vanderbilt Avenue would show 535 Carlton in the background.

Consider the image below, almost from the opposite angle, looking north and west from the southeast, produced in September 2015 by the architects of the B12 (615 Dean) condo tower. That yet-unbuilt tower would be 287 feet, clearly much larger than 550 Vanderbilt (the tower at lower right).

As is the 313-foot tower (B10) planned just north of 550 Vanderbilt, to be built only after a deck is finished over the railyard. Also larger would be most of the towers in Pacific Park Brooklyn.