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The Barclays Center event calendars: the schedule sure picks up in fall

Well, I haven't seen the monthly calendars from the Barclays Center that estimate the expected crowd for ticketed events (and non-ticketed ones) since May 2016. See bottom for the contrast. Maybe it has to do with the departure of Community Affairs rep Terence Kelly.

If they're not continuing that, it disserves neighbors who should know what's coming.

I went back into the Barclays Center web site to take screenshots of the monthly ticketed events, and it's clear that the schedule picks up in the fall. The November and October calendars look quite full, with two professional sports teams, some basketball tournaments, Disney on Ice, and a few concerts.

The few months before then, however, were pretty slow, at least for publicly ticketed events. These schedules do not count graduations and other private events. Then again, September 2015 was slow, as well.

33 events

25 events, minutes three canceled/postponed

10 events

12 events, minus one postponed
9 events
6 events

The May ticketed calendar vs. the full calendar

Note that the map directly below mentions four graduations and a private event, though it doesn't have the three Islanders playoff games (two of which were played). So there were nine ticketed events, plus those four graduations and a private event.