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Gilmartin: Forest City earlier on was a "shark tank environment" (and hers is kindler/gentler?)

How's this from the Real Deal regarding Forest City CEO MaryAnne Gilmartin?
Gilmartin also described her early days at Forest City. She said Bruce Ratner created a merit-based culture at the company but said there was ample room for improvement.
“It was a shark tank environment there, early on, because there was a lot of testosterone,” she said. “Getting in there, staying in there, sticking with it, and rising based on my merits, allowed me to start to create a culture, a culture that might have been built and birthed by Bruce Ratner but certainly was shaped by those who followed.”
...“Building a culture, while it sounds so simple, I would argue is more challenging than building a billion dollar arena, with 35 lawsuits and one Great Recession, which I have a lot of experience in,” she quipped. “I would say culture is challenging, culture is everything and it starts from the top.”
OK, so Ratner's culture was merit-based but shark-tanky? Remember, as surfaced in a 2011 lawsuit, an architect who tangled with her reported to a colleague, "I had an unpleasant conversation with MaryAnne. I was told they know the same people I know and they’ll make sure to fuck me whenever possible."

Oh, and there weren't 35 lawsuits. They have never provided a list. But it sounds good from their end.