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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

New view from above suggests skyline change that Site 5 project poses

Looking southeast along Flatbush Avenue, with arena and
 461 Dean in background, Williamsburgh Bank

tower at left, Site 5 & Fourth Avenue in foreground right
It's all perspective, right?

The views from Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park apartment buildings surely will change--at least in part--when the rest of the project is built.

Consider the views, in the photos here, from the 29th floor club space (over 300 feet up) at 300 Ashland, the new Two Trees 80/20 rental building on the wedge-shaped space next to the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Williamsburgh Savings Bank.

NW to Downtown BK
There are some nice vistas from this floor, while other views, as at left, point toward new construction in downtown Brooklyn. And, in ever-changing Brooklyn, some views might change.

The Site 5 plan

Let's focus on the photo above right, which shows part of the bank building (512 feet) at left, the Flatbush Avenue corridor and the 461 Dean modular tower (officially 322 feet, closer to 360 feet with mechanicals) at center, and Site 5, currently home to Modell's and P.C. Richard, near right.

There would be a huge skyline change if the currently approved plan for a 1.1 million square foot, 511-foot tall tower over the arena+plaza were built, as well as a 250-foot, 439,050-square foot tower at Site 5.

From Greenland Forest City Partners presentation;
note that taller Site 5 tower could be 53% taller than bank
But Greenland Forest City Partners has floated a plan for a two-tower project that could go as tall as 785 feet, in the tower occupying a rectangular space along Fourth Avenue, some significant fraction of the square P.C. Richard footprint.

That's more than twice as tall as the floor from which I took the photo.  So the annotation below, in purple, should extend off the photo to the north.

The companion "smaller" tower on the Modell's site could be between 293 feet and 383 feet--potentially taller than the modular building.

That said, neither new tower, should they be built, will be massed/oriented in the crude rectangles I've set up.

But this perspective contrasts with the developer's presentation (see Slide 7), which stresses the march of towers south from Downtown Brooklyn and suggests this is a natural continuation.
Annotations crudely suggest potential scale of new Site 5 project. Tower at right, in purple, would stretch much higher.
Looking south to Gowanus, including the Gowanus Houses center right, and, at far left, the Fourth Avenue corridor,
from new 300 Ashland tower. New York Harbor at far right
Looking southwest to New York Harbor from 300 Ashland. Note Downtown Brooklyn towers in far right of frame.