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Ratner gives $42,500 to Cuomo; also, $15K to Thompson; $5K to Golden, $4.4K (+?) to Mosley

If you scroll down Politico New York's article yesterday, Campaign reports show Cuomo continues to rely on big donors, there's a chart listing the top 87 donors.

At #55, though actually tied with others starting at #51, is a listing for "Ratner," the only individual donor listed without a first name.

Did Bruce Ratner in fact give $55,000 since January 2015? I couldn't confirm it. 

Rather, it looks like he should have barely missed the listing of the top 87 donors, who gave a minimum of $45,000, as he gave $42,500.

Bottom line: he gave enough, I'd bet, to get his phone calls returned.

Looking at the reports

Cuomo's July 2016 disclosure form listed contributions from Ratner of $7,500 and $15,000. Cuomo's January 2016 disclosure form listed no Ratner contributions. Cuomo's July 2015 disclosure form listed contributions from Ratner of $5,000 and $15,000. Cuomo's January 2015 disclosure form listed no Ratner contributions.

The $42,500 figure is confirmed in the screenshot below, as well. (Ratner did give another $9,500 to Cuomo in January 2014.)

Ratner's other contributions

As the screenshot below from the state database shows, Ratner has not only given to Cuomo, the self-described liberal Democrat gave $5,000 to Republican Senator Marty Golden, whose representation in the Republican-controlled Senate is a firewall for things like, say, residential permit parking or a real oversight plan for Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park.

Ratner gave a significant $15,000 to the campaign for District Attorney Kenneth Thompson. And the database reports two $4,400 contributions--the limit for Assembly primary and general elections--to 57th District Assemblyman Walter Mosley. That may be an error: each $4,400 contribution, though given on the same date, appears in a separate semi-annual report. 

The state database also shows the two contributions that show up in a search of the city campaign database: $250 to the campaign of Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, and $400 to the campaign of Mayor Bill de Blasio.


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Always good work. The Viverito donation is seemingly low, because of caps on donations and she has been coy on what office she is raising money for. None really, now looking for the next job so she is doing the bidding of the developers, the Mayor and the EDC.
    $250 for City Council campaigns is the cap, and yet she is term limited, so that is an interesting legal question. Can you rase money for an office you cannot run for and not declare what other office you are running for? Or just squire away the chest of $?

  2. Viverito likely was a ticket to a fundraising party. Good question as to what she's running for...


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