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Public meetings for community, AY CDC shifted from August to September

Revised schedules for the bi-monthly Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park "Quality of Life Community Update Meeting" and the quarterly Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC) were issued Tuesday.

Notably, the August 24 Quality of Life Community Update meeting was shifted to Sept. 13, and the AY CDC was shifted from August 16 to Sept. 20. No explanation was provided--it could be logistics, and/or it could be that developer Greenland Forest City Partners wants to announce something, and wants to wait until September.

Typically the AY CDC meeting takes place after the Quality of Life Community Update meeting, so issues ventilated at the grassroots can filter up to the appointed advisory board. In this case, the August meetings were scheduled in reverse order, but the new schedule re-sets the order.

That means there should be only five weeks between the September and October Quality of Life Community Update meetings. But only if that schedule continues--it's possible that the timetable be nudged back a month.