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Learning from Pacific Park: new Clinton Hill condo building said to be located where three neighborhoods meet

OK, so web search results (right) for the Waverly Brooklyn, a new 48-unit condo at 500 Waverly Avenue (at Fulton Street), say the building is in Clinton Hill (see screenshot at right)--though the location is near Fort Greene and near Prospect Heights, albeit after a long block down to and then across wide Atlantic Avenue.

So does the recent New York Times article about the "contextual" exposed concrete.

But if you go to the web page for the Waverly Brooklyn (see screenshot below), the building is somehow located "on a prominent corner where the neighborhoods of Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, and Prospect Heights all meet."

That kind of cartographic magic recalls 550 Vanderbilt, the Pacific Park Brooklyn condo tower said to be "located between Fort Greene, Boerum Hill, Clinton Hill, Prospect Heights, and Park Slope."

Also note this rather vague "neighborhood" map of things to do, including a visit to the Brooklyn Museum, a good 20-minute walk.

The changing Atlantic Avenue

The Times article also contains this aspirational quote from developer Andrew Bradfield:
That is not the case south and west of Clinton Hill, where the build-out of Barclays Center and the Pacific Park complex has been a boon for retail on Atlantic Avenue, which will have an “inevitable transformation,” with more shops and restaurants, Mr. Bradfield said.
“I told investors that I saw Atlantic Avenue transforming like Court Street in Cobble Hill did years ago,” he said.
Well, Atlantic Avenue is changing, given the replacement of auto-related businesses near Waverly Avenue with residential and retail, and the ultimate buildout of Pacific Park, with six towers along Atlantic and ground-floor retail.

But the broad, busy boulevard will never resemble narrow, one-way, low-rise Court Street, forged in the 19th century.