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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Fantasy graphic portrays cute and charming Pacific Park & 550 Vanderbilt

Hmmm.. check out the graphic below on the Contact page for the 550 Vanderbilt condo tower.

Somehow the tower, some 19 stories (including bulkheads), is portrayed as a modest eight stories, with relatively giant trees nearby. It's as if the only part of the building is the smaller portion fronting Dean Street, as shown in the recent photo I took at right.

It even stretches beyond demapped Pacific Street. A full "Pacific Park," between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues, is portrayed, but without the seven towers planned on that eastern block.

Moving west, the block between Sixth and Carlton avenues and Dean and Pacific streets is portrayed as an extension of the park, though it includes exactly zero open space but rather row houses and small apartment buildings, as well as the significant Newswalk condo. At the far west end is a 100-foot-wide vacant lot, destined for the 664 Pacific (aka B15 building).

North of that block, between Pacific Street and Atlantic Avenue, a current railyard with a couple of buildings jutting below it, is portrayed as a pair of modest three-story row houses.

Finally, the arena block is portrayed as pretty much the oculus, with no actual arena nor two towers (461 Dean, 38 Sixth) topped out. And the (comparatively giant) bicycle is going the wrong way.

No credit, but is this the work of Mike Perry, creator of other whimsical, misleading graphics??

Perhaps it is, as the advertisement below suggests, "Setting the Standard for Brooklyn Living." But it's sure not setting the standard for remotely accurate promotion. Nor is it "Everything You Love About Brooklyn." In fact, it recalls the 2004 effort to portray the project in gentle neighborhood scale.