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Photo walkaround shows 550 Vanderbilt, 535 Carlton in context; plus B2 facade, poster for worker stickers

Last weekend, I walked around the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park site and took some photos, which show 535 Carlton (B14) and 550 Vanderbilt (B11)--actually, the smallest buildings on the project site--in some context. The buildings in between, and the later ones on the railyard, will be larger.

Looking at B14 and B11
Looking south and east from Atlantic Avenue, with 535 Carlton in the foreground, 550 Vanderbilt in the background
A closer look at 535 Carlton. Note row houses on west side of street, as Carlton Avenue meets Pacific Street.
A more direct look at Carlton Avenue and Pacific Street, from the Carlton Avenue Bridge.
A view of 550 Vanderbilt, with the smaller segment closer to lower-rise Dean Street.
That's 17 stories plus (see scaffolding) two more floors.
Looking south on Vanderbilt Avenue toward 550 Vanderbilt
Southbound cards on Vanderbilt must swerve when they hit giant green wall. That's contributed to some crashes.
The B2 facade

The facade at 461 Dean, aka B2, still needs some work.
About those stickers

Close-up photos of the rules regarding "Construction Conduct Accountability"