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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Straight-faced flack: "Pacific Park Brooklyn has a strong record of compliance and has been completely transparent"

DNAinfo, in As Murals Go Up, Residents Around Atlantic Yards Call for More Transparency, reported on the call for more construction oversight, and got these responses:
In response, developer Greenland Forest City Partners said Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park is “one of the most highly regulated projects in the city,” and has a history of transparency.
“Pacific Park Brooklyn has a strong record of compliance and has been completely transparent and engaged with the greater Brooklyn community about the project's long-term impacts and steps we are taking to mitigate these conditions,” said developer spokesperson Nicole Kolinsky.
Um, weren't claims of transparency belied by the 5 am noise that awakened neighbors on Saturday, as well as the outdoor basketball tournament that was never announced? Or maybe that statement suggests neighbors will just have to suffer through "short-term impacts." (Btw, Kolinsky, a new name to me, works for p.r. firm Berlin Rosen.)

The article continues:
Though the ESD did not comment on the specific demands outlined by the group, an official from the agency said Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park has "ample oversight," particularly since the formation of the AYCDC [Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation].
Oh, sure. Why then did the Barclays Center Impact Zone Alliance ask that the AY CDC be empowered further.