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Does Barclays Center green roof really work to dampen noise? Noise complaints from Mötley Crüe concert

Remember, the green roof at the Barclays Center was not built to attract bees, and its environmentally friendly aspects are secondary to its "aesthetic and noise and vibration dampening benefits."

According to a couple of complaints noted on Atlantic Yards Watch after a Mötley Crüe concert at the arena on Wednesday, August, 12, however, those "noise and vibration dampening benefits" may not be working so well.

There are few details about the duration, extent, and location of the problem, other than the comment that "resident thought that new roof would help but it didn't." (A resident tells me the concert was audible from the Newswalk building a half-block away: "unbelievably loud.")

(Update: Note that there haven't been too many noise complaints recently; whether that's due to the green roof is unclear, because there haven't been many of the type of bass-heavy concerts that provoke such complaints. I'm also told the Nicki Minaj concert on July 26 also provoked complaints.)

The two 311 complaints for Mötley Crüe state, with typical bureaucratic absurdity, "The Police Department responded to the complaint and determined that police action was not necessary."

Well, NYPD action is never necessary. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is supposed to enforce noise regulations. But the DEP does not respond to complaints in real time; it must plan to bring its measuring devices