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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Doomed on Dean Street: three houses wait for wrecking ball

These three houses on Dean Street east of Sixth Avenue, condemned by the state via eminent domain and one eviction--compensation in case of one building is finalized, for the other two unresolved, as far as I know--are scheduled to be demolished for a 27-story, market-rate building (plus, likely, a school).

That building, B-15, will encompass a larger site stretching 100 feet wide (west) to the sidewalk at Sixth Avenue, and up to Pacific Street. Meanwhile, the houses stand marked with Xs--utility shutoff? target for wrecking ball?--and windows left open, with no worry about deterioration.

If the designation of blight regarding two of these houses was bogus, well, now blight is being achieved, unnaturally. (I took the photos Sunday. Brownstoner reported 7/28/15 on the approval of demolition permits.)

Remember, documents indicated that this 100-foot wide stretch was designated part of Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park (at least in part) for business reasons, not because of an urban planning principle. Early on, the stretch was needed for construction staging, as four towers and the arena were supposed to be built at the same time.