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Neighbor on overnight construction: "we cannot sleep one single night for the past 3 weeks"

Remember how the closure of Sixth Avenue between Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Street was (belatedly) extended twice, until this morning, to accommodate extended overnight work for the West Portal project?

Well, here are some of the real world consequences, according to a resident of Atlantic Terrace, a building on the north side of Atlantic Avenue opposite the work site, as posted on Atlantic Yards Watch Tuesday afternoon. (The work should be done by now, but it was supposed to be done far sooner.)

The headline was Unbearable 24-hour/7-day construction noise and disruptions:
Submitted by ATresident on June 9, 2015 - 3:16pm
Location: Atlantic Avenue and 6th Avenue
When: June 9, 2015 - 2:50am
311: 1-1-1113239311 
There are more incident reports- but this is one of the report numbers-- this has become unbearable, we cannot sleep one single night for the past 3 weeks.
Tractors backing up and beeping at every minute of day and night. I cannot work from home doing recordings as I usually do, losing time and money, and sleep over and over-- Forest City Ratner Companies/ Greenland / Pacific Park simply ignores Atlantic Terrace-- an 80-family building facing the intersection of 6th Avenue and Atlantic Avenue.
They keep saying that they sent Community Notices which, to us, mean absolutely nothing in regards to being able to sleep.
Screenshot from video below of overnight work
Our mixed-income mixed-use residential coop has no alternative to this noise and they are doing NOTHING to attenuate. Lights shine over every window as if it were day all night long, and 311 respondents say they have no "category" for lights shining in addition to noise categories.
Video with noise and image to be big to be attached, only still image attached. The video made at 9:40pm last night, the beginning of one more very long night of unbearable construction noise, can be seen here:
We also have witnesses who are not residents of the building. PLEASE CITY OF NEW YORK DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. HOLD THE STATE ACCOUNTABLE. Thank you.
The video

The 311 complaint

The noise may have been unbearable, but it wasn't illegal unless it was measured, and it's unclear if the city Department of Environmental Protection did so, and found a violation. I checked the 311 complaint, and the results were inconclusive: