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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ (pinned post)

Barclays Center green roof, originally due by July, should (still) be finished in September

I'll have more coverage from the Community Update meeting in subsequent posts.

The Barclays Center green roof is still delayed--but still on the delayed timetable acknowledged in February. 

As I reported in February, developer Forest City Ratner (the public-facing part of Greenland Forest City Partners) admitted indirectly that the green roof--an exoskeleton aimed to beautify the view and also tamp down escaping noise--was several months behind schedule.

The Atlantic Avenue cranes "will be gone this summer, that's our expectation," Forest City's Ashley Cotton said in February, and she repeated the prediction last night at the periodic Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Community Update (formerly Quality of Life) meeting.
The Atlantic Avenue crane, according to the original timetable (below), was supposed to installed in August 2014 and removed by October 2014. Instead, it was installed in October, and will have lasted more than nine months, not three months, as originally predicted. 

At a meeting last November, a state official overseeing Atlantic Yards, Sam Filler, told Ken Adams, CEO of Empire State Development, the agency overseeing/shepherding the project, that the traffic-clogging crane would be gone by May. That didn't happen.

Going green by September

Cotton again said the installation of sedum--the vegetative roof materials, as with the top of the subway entrance on the arena plaza-- will be done in September. 

"Only have 50,000 trays of a total of 135,000 trays of sedum left to deliver!" Pacific Park Brooklyn tweeted two days ago, and Cotton also cited that statistic.

That's two months behind the original timeline, when the installation was supposed to be done by the end of July, as the graphic above shows.

From the east, a larger percentage of the sedum has been placed. Photo via AY Webcam.