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Forest City: "it is mind-numbingly loud" at 38 Sixth Avenue construction site; also, a complaint about dust

At the Community Update (fka Quality of Life) meeting last Wednesday, Forest City Ratner executive Ashley Cotton noted that construction work had just started at the  38 Sixth Avenue site at the corner of Dean Street and Sixth Avenue, on the southeast end of the arena block.

"The MPT [maintenance and protection of traffic] for that plan is done, so you've seen fences have moved out," Cotton said. "The sound attenuation blankets are going up." 

(Such acoustic blankets have been used at Sixth and Atlantic avenues, but were not mentioned in the most recent Construction Update regarding 38 Sixth Avenue, also known as B3.)

"We know it’s extremely loud... it is mind-numbingly loud," Cotton continued. "It’s because they’ve been hitting cobble [rock]… The field conditions have been very challenging." She said they hoped to get through this phase "very soon."

A question about dust

One resident of Atlantic Terrace, on the northeast corner of Atlantic and Sixth avenues, expressed dismay that the developers, Greenland Forest City Partners, have not consistently put tarpaulins over dirt mounds and wet down the dirt to deter dust. 

"That took a long time to happen.. I want assurances that you’re going to do that," he said, noting that the "dust levels are pretty high," citing a specific incident in which the evidence was very clear on parked cars.

Cotton said they knew about the incident and "addressed it immediately. [Compliance] absolutely has to happen all the time."