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Will the Islanders be the Barclays Center's premier tenant? No, but...

Brian Erni of IslandersPointBlank yesterday contended, Isles, not Nets, are the premier tenant at Barclays Center:
Ever since news broke that the Islanders’ secondary banners would not make the trip to Barclays Center, some fans have begun groaning that the Isles are second-class citizens in their new home; that their 25-year lease is simply an imposition on the building that would rather host the Nets 41 games a year and use the building for concerts the remaining nights. That logic is flawed. Here’s why.
It’s the Islanders, not the Nets, that are the headline attraction at Barclays Center.
It’s not really debatable. One team is young, promising and on the rise. The other is a decrepit pool of despair.
Well, as one commenter pointed out, "In an arena built for basketball, with an off centre scoreboard for hockey and many seats with poor sight lines for hockey, it's hard to make this case."

Others noted that the Brooklyn Nets get the first choice of home dates. And another noted the Nets are not done reshuffling their squad.

But it does set up a contrast, partly similar to that at Madison Square Garden: an excellent hockey team (Rangers), a mediocre (or worse) basketball team (Knicks).


  1. You should know better than to use amateur fan blogs with people guessing via rumors as opposed to professional media with quotes on such matters. Have read nothing from team or Barclay's release about this.

    Clark Gillies was just there in video discussing the building and the alumni has been very supportive.

    1. What's your point, bravely anonymous one? They guy had an unusual opinion. It was shot down by commenters. I don't disagree with them.


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