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Huge crane for green roof installation erected at B3 site next to arena; appears to be two months behind schedule

Photo taken this morning.
Wow, it's big.

Officials shut down Dean Street and Sixth Avenue around the Barclays Center this weekend to allow for the erection of a giant crane to assist in the installation of a green roof around the arena.

The crane is located on the site of the B3 tower--at the northwest corner of Dean and Sixth. As shown in the photo at right, the crane (center) appears larger than the crane (left) set up to install modules for the now-stalled 32-story modular tower next to the arena.

As shown in the video below, the pieces of the crane stretched two blocks along Sixth Avenue, from Pacific Street to Bergen Street.

The crane, according to plans announced in June, was supposed to be installed in August and last six months, through January.  It appears to be two months behind.

More on the photos

The photos below are in chronological order. Those involving the erection of the crane were shot yesterday, a rainy day. Those showing the crane installed are from this morning.

Note: though flagmen and Traffic Enforcement Agents were supposed to be provided, according to the Community Notice, I didn't see any in the photos and video sent to me by AY Info NYC.

Video taken yesterday

Crane installation: yesterday

Crane installed: today