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Barclays Center releases event calendar for October/November/December 2014; only 8 concerts, vs. 25 in last three months of 2013

Yesterday, the Barclays Center released the projected event calendar for this and the following two months--typically, the arena releases the calendar month by month, so we can expect some future dates to be filled up.

But it's notable that, over the final three months of 2014, there are only eight concerts now scheduled, while in 2013, there were 25 concerts.

There are surely multiple factors at work, perhaps the cyclical nature of the concert business, the willingness of the Barclays Center to make deals attractive to performers, and even the difficulties in controlling sound for some bass-heavy performances.

Given the installation of a crane this month for the coming green roof, and other work, it may be in some ways helpful to the arena to have a less busy schedule.

For October 2014, there will be three pre-season Nets basketball games and six concerts, plus (updated) a pro wrestling night. None are expected to sell out. The largest event, on Oct. 30, is expected to draw 13,000 people.

By contrast, in October 2013, there were three Nets games and ten concerts.

November 2014

November will be busier, with eight Nets games (a few of which are expected to sell out and/or nearly fill the building, with 17,000 people), eleven Disney on Ice (DOI) family shows (including five on one weekend), and six college tournament evenings, for a total of 25 ticketed events. There are no concerts.

The above calendar is somewhat similar to November 2013, given that tournaments were counted as individual games.

In November 2013, there were 31 events, including two tripleheader college basketball games, one day with three sessions of Disney on Ice, and another day with two such sessions. But there were five concerts.

December 2014

In December, there will be nine Nets games, two concerts, three basketball tournaments, and one Harlem Globetrotters game, for a total of 15 events (with the tournaments having multiple games).

In December 2013, there were 27 events, including one double-header and one triple-header college basketball tourneys, as ten concerts and one boxing event. (So subtract three of the games to conform to the way things were measured for December 2014.)