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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From the latest Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Update: Pacific Street to be restored to two-way traffic, sidewalk bridge coming on Atlantic

The latest Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Construction Update, for the weeks beginning October 13 and October 20, was released at about 12:30 pm today by Empire State Development, after preparation by Greenland Forest City Partners.

The document, the text of which is pasted in below (and in full), discloses relatively little that seems dramatic.

On Atlantic Avenue, as workers prepare for a mat for a crane to be used for the green roof, they will not chop out the existing sidewalk but instead install infill of stone/gravel. (What exactly that means isn't clear to me.) The date for installation of that crane has not been set.

Also, a sidewalk bridge to protect pedestrians from any falling objects will be installed along Atlantic Avenue near the arena.

Tomorrow, October 15, weather permitting, Pacific Street between 6th Avenue and Carlton Avenue will be restored to two-way traffic.

Also, though it was supposed to start in the previous two-week permit, demolition of 752 Pacific Street is expected to start during this reporting period.

Questions may be sent to Nicole Jordan ESD’s Manager, Pacific Park Brooklyn Project Community/Government Relations at 212-803-3736 or, or Greenland Forest City's Community Liaison Office, information below.

The text below is from the document.

B-2 Tower, Modular Residential
• Work at the B2 site and within the modular factory has been halted.

Arena Green Roof
• Site preparation within the B3 site location and behind the Atlantic Avenue Maintenance and Protection (MPT) will continue
• On Atlantic Avenue, prep work for the crane mat will continue. The existing sidewalk will not need to be chopped out; temporary infill of stone/gravel will be installed. Installation of the sidewalk bridge along Atlantic Avenue will commence during this reporting period.
• Steel deliveries will begin on or about October 22nd. Deliveries will be made to both the B3 and Atlantic Avenue crane locations.
• Due to changes in construction logistics, the Atlantic Avenue crane required for the Green Roof construction was not installed during the weekend of October 10th and will be installed at a later date. It is expected that the installation, which is smaller than the crane located within the B3 site, will have minimal impacts. A community notice will be issued in advance of the installation date.
The revised Community Notice, which has been distributed to the community, is attached.

B3 Residential Tower
• Soil characterization borings are to facilitate soil disposal related to future B3 building construction have been completed.

LIRR Yard Activities - Block 1120 & 1121
• On October 15th (weather permitting), Pacific Street between 6th Avenue and Carlton Avenue will be restored to two-way traffic. Barrier on the north side of Pacific Street will be shifted north, the roadway will be restriped and traffic lights will be adjusted. The sidewalk along the north side of Pacific Street will remain closed.
• Support of Excavation (SOE) work including the installation of lagging and tiebacks will continue within this area during this reporting period.
• Drilling of SOE minipiles under the east side of the 6th Avenue Bridge will continue during this reporting period.
• During this reporting period, the Contractor will continue excavation and hauling of soil from Blocks 1120 and 1121. Soil that has been classified as clean, contaminated or hazardous will be removed from the site as part of the excavation activities and brought to appropriate disposal locations. While this work is underway, protocols for the trucks entering and exiting the site have been put into place. These protocols provide instruction on roadway routing to and from the project site, queuing of trucks while on site and vehicle idling.
• Manhole/Duct bank installation work will commence within the eastern portion of Block 1120 during this reporting period.
• Work in the area of the yard between the Arena and 6th Avenue will continue during this reporting period. Work will include electrical, telecommunications, plumbing installations, and minor grading/paving for the trailers
• All work shall be done during daytime hours pursuant to approved NYC DOT permits; while not expected, if required, any nighttime or weekend work would be pursuant to proper permits and advance notification will be given to the community.
• Particulate monitoring will continue during these activities and soil will be kept damp as needed.
• Soil characterization borings are being conducted to facilitate soil disposal related to Yard construction. This work is expected to be completed during this reporting period.

LIRR Yard Activities – Atlantic Avenue
• Installation of the Stage 2 of the MPT is complete. MPT installations along Atlantic Avenue will be modified as work progresses. This work will be ongoing and MPT will be in place along Atlantic Avenue for approximately 24 months. Transportation Enforcement Agents (TEAs) will continue to be in place, as outlined in the DOT permit stipulations.
• Excavation and exploratory work will take place along Atlantic Avenue This exploratory work is to investigate the construction of the existing LIRR tunnel roof for future structural tie-ins for the west portal. Some of this work may be completed during overnight hours; however, none is expected to occur during this reporting period.

Block 1129
• Additional soil characterization borings required to facilitate soil disposal related to future building construction within Block 1129 will be completed during this reporting period.
• Subject to receipt of permit, Demolition of 752 Pacific Street is expected to commence during this reporting period. A construction fence will be installed around the demolition site.

How to Reach Pacific Park Brooklyn Community Liaison Office (CLO)
The Community Liaison Office has been relocated to Atlantic Center, 625 Atlantic Avenue. Located on the 3rd floor, visitors seeking the office should enter through the mall entrance located at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and So. Portland Avenue. The CLO’s hours are M-F from 9am – 4pm and the phone number, 866-923-5315 and email, remains the same.