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Halloween dance music event moved from Barclays Center, averts bass leakage to neighbors

An electronic dance music show (EDM), BOO!, scheduled for the Barclays Center on Halloween night, Friday, has been moved by the promoters to Pier 94 in Manhattan, with less than a week before the debut.

All tickets for the "massively spooktacular night" will be honored at the new venue, where the planned lineup will be combined with other acts,  or can be refunded.

No explanation has been offered, but some commenters on promoter Insomniac' Facebook page concluded the promoter was combining two events because not enough tickets were sold.

Others noted the Barclays Center tickets were far more expensive than the Pier 94 tickets.

Averts bass leakage

Given that Halloween Massive was advertised as "a twisted Halloween party [with] bone-rattling beats," the event, like Sensation and Swedish House Mafia, is of the ilk that has caused the most problems in leaking bass into neighborhood residences.

That was supposed to be addressed first by acoustical baffles and a sound concierge and now by a green roof over the arena. The green roof was supposed have been in process by now, but is just beginning, with the installation this weekend of a crane.

So I'm not sure if, according to the original schedule, additional roof-reated sound blocking properties were already supposed to have been in place. 

Either way, the move of the concert saves the arena operators conflict with the event promoters, who might balk at turning down the sound, and/or the neighbors, who should not be hearing or feeling the show in their residences.