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Apparent prank: hacked sign inside Atlantic Yards parking lot (while trash is ignored)

Ok, it's not on the level of the "Fuck Ratner" directional sign a wag hacked on public Flatbush Avenue in March 2010, potentially endangering drivers.

But clearly visible for a period of time yesterday on the Atlantic Yards parking lot on Dean Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues, as shown in the photo sent to me, was a sign claiming "Marotta has smal penis!"

It appears to have been a juvenile prank--the sign was off at some point yesterday--aimed (I presume) at someone working at or associated with the site. No I don't know who Marotta is.

The sign likely didn't affect anyone driving by, though it was an affront to workers and neighbors walking by, since it could be seen through the fence, as the video below shows.

And it seems to me that the efforts put into hacking the sign might have better been put into cleaning up the trash around the lot's exterior.