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From City and State: Ratner rises to #43 on the Power 100 list; Lewis enters at #42

Last year, Forest City Ratner's CEO Bruce Ratner was #59 on NYC's "Power 100" list, as complied by the semi-monthly political magazine City and State.

This year Ratner, now the company's chairman, is #43, a bump up based on his history of support for Mayor Bill de Blasio, as indicated in the screenshot below. (The issue isn't online yet.)

As the screenshot indicates, the Black Institute's Bertha Lewis--who wasn't on the list last year--ranks #42, based on her closeness to de Blasio. City and State doesn't point out that she's Ratner's affordable housing ally, but that pairing will rely on some synergy.

Also note, at #24 and #23, Jonathan Rosen and Valerie Berlin of the political consulting/p.r. firm Berlin Rosen. They work not only for de Blasio but also for Ratner and Lewis, another reason I annotated de Blasio's Circle of Power last November by adding Forest City Ratner.