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Barclays Center releases February 2014 event calendar: 27 ticketed events, including 17 circus shows; why not make college hoops affordable and fill seats?

The Barclays Center has released its February 2014 event calendar to community members, with estimates of the expected crowds.

There are 27 public ticketed events, including four Nets games, four concerts, one college basketball game, one Harlem Globetrotters game, and 17 circus shows over ten days. That leaves ten days when the arena is dark.

The "Battle of Brooklyn"

Note that only 2000 people are expected for the college basketball game between LIU and St. Francis, dubbed the "Battle of Brooklyn," though LIU's own gym, just up the block, seats 2500.

If they're going to play the Barclays Center, why not try to fill some seats?

Hint--don't charge $21.85 a ticket.

In February 2013

Last year, there were 14 ticketed public events in February 2013, as the circus didn't appear that month.