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Obama in Brooklyn: a Nets reference and an oculus welcome

North Flatbush BID
/Instagram via @vinniesstyles

The President was in Brooklyn yesterday, as TIME reported:
It was President Barack Obama’s 33rd trip as president to New York City Friday, according to CBS Radio Correspondent Mark Knoller, but just his first to the hipster borough, his former home. For Obama it was a homecoming. ”I know Brooklyn in general is blowing up right now,” Obama said when he took the stage at a high school there, noting he used to live across the street from Prospect Park.
Obama had arrived to visit the Pathways in Technology Early College High School in Crown Heights, a school surrounded by bearded Hasidic Jews and equally bearded hipsters, which he praised during his State of the Union address for its six-year program which gives students high school and associates degrees.
It’s a far cry from the usual crop of tony apartments and fancy restaurants the president has serially hit up for campaign cash.
Photo: AYInfoNYC
The Daily News reported:
"What I was living here, Brooklyn was cool, but not this cool," Obama said told delighted students at the Pathways in Technology Early College High School in Crown Heights.
The Times reported:
After his speech, Mr. Obama stopped at a Junior’s restaurant, on Flatbush Avenue, entering with Bill de Blasio, the Democratic nominee for mayor, and shaking hands with employees and patrons. “Do you know your next mayor here?” the president asked, before ordering two cheesecakes, one plain and one strawberry.
Photo via Darren Rovell/Twitter
According to Time, he even made a Nets reference:
Indeed, Barack Obama has rediscovered Brooklyn.The sports-fan-in-chief noted that the Brooklyn Nets, who play a few miles away, have acquired Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, adding it shows “old people can still play.”
And the Barclays Center was sure to welcome him, via the oculus.